Protect the life you've built, secure the plans you've made, and safeguard your dreams.

J. Terrence Moynihan (1939-2024)

attorney terrance moynihanIn 1988, I became a court-appointed “Conservator” (Guardian) for a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Over the next several years, I learned first-hand how devastating long-term illness threatens a family’s safety and security. In 1993, after becoming an estate planng lawyer, I established this law firm with the aim of helping people and their families avoid unnecessary hardships and threats caused by a lack of proper estate planning.

At Moynihan Lyons PC, our mission is to help protect the life you have built, secure the plans you have made and safeguard your dreams. To achieve our mission, our Riverside estate planning lawyers strive to create helpful experiences by focusing on nurturing relationships and a high level of service to our clients.

In addition to the well-being of our clients, our estate planning law firm is committed to helping make our community healthy through volunteer efforts. To that end, I am the President of Riverside Meals-on-Wheels, Inc. (volunteer since 2005) and a member of Riverside Rotary Club.

I am a graduate of Gonzaga University School of Law, in Spokane, Washington, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Washington. I am a U.S. Navy veteran and accredited by the Veteran’s Administration to present claims on behalf of veterans. My exposure to Southern California came courtesy of the Navy. I am admitted to the California Supreme Court and the U.S. District Court (Central District of California).